The Relationship

Giddy + Ashley are husband and wife musicians from Vancouver, Canada. They met in 2010 when Giddy was traveling through Canada, from his home of Kampala, Uganda. They spent their first date singing and playing guitar through each other’s playlists, which only confirmed their romantic and musical connection. That moment marked the beginning of their five year long-distance relationship.

photo credit: Joseph Schuurman

In 2014, Giddy + Ashley were married in Uganda, and a year later they were reunited in Vancouver, Canada where they now currently reside. Neither one of them miss being in a long-distance relationship, and agree it is much better being married in the same country.

The Music 

Giddy is from a blood line of musicians including his grandfather the late, great George William Kakoma who composed the Ugandan National Anthem. Giddy spent years  traveling with the world renowned Watoto Children’s Choir doing musical concerts of hope in countries such as Canada, USA, Switzerland, England, and Brazil just to name a few. Giddy was also a long standing member of one of Uganda’s most renowned bands, Janzi Band, where he was the lead singer, and guitar player. Giddy never stops growing in his skills, and continues to learn new music and new instruments.

photo courtesy of Janzi Band Uganda


No one in Ashley’s family wrote an anthem for any country, however her father (infamously known as Joey Boy) was an accomplished singer and performer. Ashley found musical inspiration in him, and the jazz standards he loved, so she spent much of her adolescence familiarizing herself with the Great American Songbook. Ashley has performed and recorded locally and abroad for years, but admits that she didn’t really hit her groove until she met Giddy.

Now that Giddy + Ashley are together in Canada, they are creating original music that pulls inspiration from the popular music they love, and also the sounds and vibes of Ugandan music.

Giddy + Ashley are also passionate about how the power of music can share the love of God to people of all walks of life. Writing music that uplifts the spirit, and glorifies God is important to Giddy + Ashley, and no matter what road music takes them on, they will continue giving all the honour to God.